Auto Glass Replacement and Glass Repair by Centennial State Auto Glass in Southern Colorado

Accidents happen, but when road debris or stones kick up and hit your windshield chances are there will be some damage. If that damage is left unrepaired then the broken or cracked glass can spread and ruin your windshield. Especially given our Colorado weather and climate; changes in the glass temperatures causes glass to expand and contract. In most cases the cracked or chipped glass can be repaired, in some cases the glass is shattered and will impair your vision and make it unsafe to drive. Most importantly, it is best to have it inspected by our professional glass repair and installation team. We can give a straight answer and fair price on all of your automotive glass needs. When your vehicle's glass gets damaged we can work with your insurance company directly to see if they will cover the cost of the repairs. Even if your windshield has a small crack or chip, bring it to us, some insurance companies waive your deductible for small repairs. It is worth having our glass service team give you an estimate and get you scheduled in for repairs. You will find value in our fast and friendly service and we warranty our replacements against workmanship and defects for the life of your vehicle.